20 Most common questions GTO ask during casual interaction before command task

Most of the time when a candidate returns to waiting room after completing his command task, other candidates ask him about the questions GTO asked him during the personal interaction before the command task. Well, that’s not the best time to discuss this. It’s better you prepare in advance.

These days group testing officers have started spending a good time in taking short interview prior to the command task. The questions in this short interview are quite uncertain. Thus, it is important to prepare for this part also.

Command Task is generally conducted on the second day of group testing series. Group Testing Officer (GTO) calls candidates one by one at random. After calling one candidate he interacts with him for few minutes before explaining the command task.

This personal interaction is an opportunity for him to know you more and to have a clear insight about your personality and performance. During this personal interaction he may ask you some questions which may not sound that much important to you. You should take this casual interaction seriously as there is always a purpose behind the questions he asks.

Command Task


GTO may ask you anything during this short conversation. You should answer all the questions by full confidence. Here we have collected 20 most common questions that GTO may ask during personal interaction before command task.

  1. Which place are you from? Tell me something interesting about your place.
  2. Tell me about your family background.
  3. Why you want to join armed forces?
  4. How was your Psychology test and Interview? Which SSB test you like the most?
  5. Who performed the best in your group?
  6. Which was the most difficult test for you in SSB till now?
  7. Why you were not selected in your last attempt?
  8. If you will not be selected then what will be your future plan?
  9. How you have prepared for this attempt?
  10. What you liked the most about this selection board?
  11. What you had in your breakfast today?
  12. Do you have any suggestion related to your stay in this board?
  13. How many friends you have made in this board? Name them with their chest number.
  14. What are your hobbies?
  15. What are the qualities of a leader?
  16. How you keep yourself physically fit?
  17. Tell me your strengths.
  18. Tell me your weaknesses.
  19. How you overcame your weaknesses?
  20. What are your takeaways from PGT and HGT?

These questions may sound generic to you but these are significant for GTO. Candidates often underestimate the importance of these questions and they end up making contradictions between their answers and PIQ. Your answers should show uniformity with PIQ and your responses in personal interview. It is equally important to give logical answers. Don’t unnecessarily exaggerate your answers.

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